The Azalea City Quilters’ Guild (ACQG), established in 1980 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It’s purpose is to promote the appreciation of quilting, while members develop their skills and learn new techniques.  Members share an interest in the art of quilting and have joined together to educate the public about this beautiful, constantly evolving art form.


Who should join?

Whether you are a beginning quilter or an accomplished expert, YOU are welcome to join our Guild.  The Guild enjoys a vast array of talents and skill levels among its members.  Eager beginners learn from willing, seasoned, veteran quilters.  Even our most advanced quilters are always learning new skills.  If you are interested in becoming a member just fill out the form, print it and mail it to the address indicated.  If you have any questions please contact Membership Chairman, Shawn Sumrall at 251-706-6411 or




YES, I want to become a member of ACQG.

___  New          ___  Returning member

Name  _____________________________________________

Address  _______________________________________________

City  _________________________   State  _______  Zip  _________

E-mail ________________________________________________

Phone _________________________________

Birthday:     Month _________  Day  ___________

Annual Dues:  $20.00

(80 years young and over enjoy Honorary Membership = no dues apply)

_____  Honorary membership, please mark here and send no payment.

For Membership Chairman:

Check #  __________   Date:  __________  Received:  ___________

Make Check payable and return form to:

Azalea City Quilters’ Guild

P.O. Box 160154

Mobile, AL 36616



NEW MEMBERS:  Welcome!  We’re glad you’ve joined the Azalea City Quilters’ Guild (ACQG).  Much of the information about the Guild is found in the pages of this website.  But Former Membership Chairman, Susan Mogan has prepared a special ACQG New Member Guide that is four pages of information giving you an overall introduction to our Guild.  Shawn Sumrall, Membership Chairman will have a copy available for all new members.